With a variety of applications in many areas including home textile and clothing, quilting is basically an act of joining. The process which involves sewing two layers of fabrics together by using either fiber, polyester or felt batting is called quilting. Usually sewn to make block or diamond quilt patterns, this sort of fabric is widely used in clothing such as jackets, and coats. It is also found in home textile products like beddings, and coverlets. There is special garment machinery designed for quilting, which allows production of several ranges. It can be made like this.


How a Quilt Is Made?

For creating quilt design, first, batting is needed. Though fiber batting is more commonly used, felt or polyester batting is possible as well. Given that quilted fabric is not much fluffy, batting should not be much thick either. Besides more popular geometrical designs like square and rectangle, floral patterns or several authentic designs can be created. Quilt is obtained sewing such patterns. Apparel companies use various quilting machines. Quilt can also be made at home.


Where The Quilted Fabrics Are Used?

Quilted fabrics are often used in garments or in home textile. It is particularly a popular clothing material because of its elegant look. As an outerwear material, it is applied in such as coats, jackets, and vests. It is a preferred material in manufacturing of jumpers or of certain accessories.

Lining, also, can be made of quilted fabrics. As for the home textile, quilt is widely used in product categories rather like duvet, coverlet and beddings due to its thick texture. Home textile items are rather produced by quilting machines of 2 meters wide or bigger.


Production of Quilted Fabric

Manufactured by quilting machines in the manner of mass production, this sort of fabric is sewn by using certain amount of fiber or similar kind of batting. Quilted fabrics are also used in bed production as outer material combined with polyester. Both narrow and wide garment machinery is used in such productions.

Smaller machinery is sufficient for manufacturing of items such as coats and jumpers. There are sewing patterns for designing quilts. Several geometric patterns such as diamond and blocks are available.